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How to ask a good question

There are some things you can do to make you question better, and get more answers.

Search first

First make sure you search the forums before posting, since someone else may have asked the same or a similar question that could help resolve your doubt.

Write a good title

When you decide to post, pay attention to the title. The title is what people will read to decide whether or not to read & answer the post.

Bad titles:

  • Plz help!!!!
  • How can I do this?
Good titles:
  • Can you explain when to use the personal 'A'
  • How to conjugate "roer"
  • Translations for "fuzzy"
Good titles will describe your question and will include a mini version of your question. If you're asking about vocabulary or a verb, be sure to included the word(s) in question in the title.

Show your effort

Include your best effort at answering your own question, in your post. Nothing turns off a potential helper more than someone who hasn't even put in the least effort to answer their question before posting a new thread. So try to translate that sentence you need help with, show your thought process of try to solve the dilemma yourself, and even if you're wrong, you'll cinvince the other forum users that you're legitimate and you deserve help.

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