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Last Activity: February 06, 2010
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish To maximize my understanding of the Spanish language. Especially idioms, slang, and sentences used daily. I am an English AP student who in return has a lot to offer of the English language. Tennis, music_rap,rock,raggaeton,hip/hop
Last Activity: June 24, 2009
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I speak English and I need to recap on my spanish. I am a spanish major but it's been awhile since I've been conversed with anyone in Spanish. I would like to practice my spanish with a native speaker or a spanish major also. reading, movies, exercising, hikes, travelling
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Last Activity: December 31, 1969
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I speak English and I'm learning Spanish nice meet people for coffee or lunch for culture & gift exchange in city. I had already had met pen pals in china,philippines,goshen ca..german female on tour traveling to different city or countries, writing to pen pals
Last Activity: January 07, 2010
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I am looking to learn more Spanish, from actual Spanish speaking people and countries, and learn their culture. In return I can offer what I know about English and if anyone is curious, history and culture we have here in Canada. Muay thai kick boxing, languages, weight lifting, Ultimate Fighting (UFC and MMA), reading (fantasy books, political books), computers, war movies, video games, anime, drawing. A lot of stuff really, I'm sort of all over the board.
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Last Activity: July 05, 2009
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I would like to be able to speak with a native speaker of Spanish. I do not have much practice with conversations, but I am very good with Spanish grammar, etc. singing, cantar, dancing, bailar, cooking, cocinar, music, la música, spanish, español
Last Activity: March 31, 2014
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish Although I speak both English and Spanish well, I want to improve my Spanish so I can speak it VERY well. I can help with English if there is a need. I love music. I like old time music and currently am very interested in music from the 40's and 50's. I also appreciate show tunes. Benny Goodman is at the top of my list with others from the same genre.
Last Activity: May 03, 2017
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I really want to learn Spanish :-) I can help other people looking to learn and/or improve their English. There are quite a few other languages I want to learn as well. One language at a time though lol. Ah, so many! Most of which I have no time to focus on now :-p I love music, knitting and crochet, reading, movies, cooking, parenting (most of the time lol), jogging. Um, lots of others but I'm always trying to squeeze 27 hours into 24 :-)
Last Activity: October 04, 2021
Hablo español y aprendo inglés I would like to learn several languages, I speak spanish, I would like to learn english , french and chinese. I like practice tae kwon do , play soccer and listen to the english songs. I need to learn english now for my career.I like to talk to the foreign persons.
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Last Activity: February 01, 2013
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I´d like to practice my Spanish... Reading, languages, travelling, singing, cooking, tennis, making friends, to mention but a few.
Last Activity: April 02, 2019
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I would like to practise my spanish, and help you practise your english. music, reading, learning spanish, playing scrabble

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