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Last Activity: July 26, 2013
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish hi everyone, i live in spain and iam finding it difficult to learn spanish. im new to this but really want and need help with my spanish. i could help you with your english. love to keep fit, jogging, swimming, gym etc.
Last Activity: July 17, 2013
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish hey! i am an english speaking 23year old and i hope that i can get to improve on my spanish.ready to help you with french and english.waiting.... travel,sciences,technology and anything fun...
Last Activity: May 28, 2013
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I want to learn Spanish to help me in my business, i hope the passionate ones who speak Spanish can teach me. The new things in your life, the better it would be. literature, fashion, language, management and others
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Last Activity: November 21, 2021
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I'd like to be penapals because I'm willing to help somebody or they help me a lot with my English Movies.
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Last Activity: April 17, 2013
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I would like to improve my Spanish speaking skills.Im a Filipina who can speak English and Filipino.I'd like to make Spanish as my third language.I will be very happy to learn from a native Spanish speaker whom I can teach English or Filipino in return. I'm interested in these subjects: Sociology, Psychology, and Religion.
Last Activity: November 14, 2018
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish Cambiar de lenguaje de angloparlante nativo Podemos charlar de cualquier.... pero me gusta deportes.
Last Activity: October 09, 2013
Hablo español y aprendo inglés I would like to improve my english and at the same time, I can help you with spanish from spain. Would be better whether you are from UK due to the time zone Learning English, environment, engineering, public services, family, travel...
Last Activity: May 30, 2013
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I'd love to be penpals in order to practice my Spanish with someone who knows the language better than I do! Hockey, law enforcement, shooting, exercise, and any/all water activities.
Last Activity: December 31, 2014
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish Quiero practicar el español y tambien el italiano. Viví en Mexico y tambien en Italia. Me gusta los dos idiomas. L'italiano e lo spanolo sono fratelli. El italiano y el español son hermanos proque vienen de la misma madre/padre el latín. Aprender idiomas tales como el español, el italiano, el frances, el protuguese, el chino, el japonese, Koreano, armenio, e cosí via. Viajar a todas partes sobre todo Europa. He ido a Europa muchas veces. Mexico muchas veces. Cuba dos veces. Practico y en
Last Activity: October 16, 2013
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I am a native English speaker and want to learn conversational Spanish. I am 55+, currently live in the US and hope to travel one day. I believe I could aid another interested in learning or improving their English. I read a lot, mostly fiction. I paint and have done some sculpting in clay. Learning itself has always been fun to me. I also have a secret obsession... knitting socks. ;). What can I say? Its calming. I also love to play games, just about any kind.

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