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Last Activity: April 05, 2010
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I live in Texas. The Spanish culture is in the air I breathe, the water I drink, and the very land I walk upon. I wish to enrich my life experience by learning this language. Computers. Science. Technology. Engineering.
Last Activity: March 30, 2010
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish hola i speak english and yo habla espanol pero no bien but i would like to learn the basics. in return i will offer to help you with learning english. my interests are horse riding as i have my own walking watching films etc
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Last Activity: March 10, 2010
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I would like a penpal in order to practice every day use of Spanish. I have a first year University English course completed so can help with English grammar. Scrapbooking & Crafts, Reading, Music, Movies, Hockey, UFC, Golfing, Jeeping ...
Last Activity: December 17, 2009
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish Hi, I'm learning Spanish for A-levels and I wanted to improve it really, I can help with people learning English and try and improve my Spanish at the same time :) Languages, Music, History, Biology, Reading and Socialising
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Last Activity: November 06, 2009
Hablo español y aprendo inglés I need to learn tagalog so that I can be allowed to remain in philippines I aim to start a business there in july 2010 willing to consider giving work to your relatives in return for teaching me need any contacts I can get I have wide range of interests, horse riding jumping,swimming many science subjects chess et-al
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Last Activity: September 10, 2009
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I mainly want to learn Spanish and know more about the cultures of different countries as I chat with Spanish-speaking people. I can offer some help in English as I am considered to speak fluent English and of course Arabic language. Music, Film-making, Arts, Psychology, Advertisements, Cooking, Peace Studies, Religions and Spirituality, Cultures, Japanese Anime, Positive Thinking and Personal Development.
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Last Activity: December 06, 2011
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I write English poetry. I can teach English but no translation from Spanish to English. I can be patient enough to guide you all throughout your course. photographia
Last Activity: August 14, 2009
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish im puerto rican and i dont speak a lot of spanish. i took 6 years of spanish and i would like to continue using it with another spanish speaker. english is my first language and i would be more than happy to help anyone that needs help with english. im a cheerleader, i love listening to reggaeton, i like to cook, i like to dance, my family is everything, and i am a senior in high school.
Last Activity: January 16, 2010
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I would love to speak to others with a passion for language like I have. I am a high school senior in Spanish V Literature, and would be very interested to hear about other students also embarking on the challenge of learning a new language. Spanish, history, religious studies, medicine (my upcoming field of study for pre-grad college), and running.
Last Activity: August 18, 2009
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish Siempre me ha interesado conocer a gente de otros paises y culturas. Yo e crecido en un hogar bilingüe pero hablo mucho mejor el ingles. Espero conocer a mucha gente y ayudar lo mas que pueda con el ingles..y aprender mas español. I enjoy reading, writing, watching movies, being with friends and family, going to church, swimming, soccer, helping people in need, praying, exercising, cooking, and many, many more things!

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