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Last Activity: March 05, 2012
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish Hi! I'm 19 year-old girl from Vietnam. I can speak English, but not very well and I'm learning Spanish. I really love to have friends all over the world and know more about your countries and cultures. music, art, discovery, travel, and anything romantic :D
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Last Activity: February 13, 2012
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish Hola, me llamo Ingrid Marie. Soy de Noruega. Quiero un amigo o amiga de España. I want to learn more spanish from a person in Spain. Im 17 years of age and Im taking lessons in spanish. Quiero musica, estar con amigos, comida, entrenar, cantar y mas
Last Activity: November 30, 2013
Hablo español y aprendo inglés Hola, me llamo Oscar y soy español. Vivo en Madrid y estoy estudiando inglés. Tengo un nivel Upper Intermediate (B2) y busco a nativos para practicar conversación (y escritura). Mi skype es: saturday365 (también ooVoo). Yo te puedo ayudar con el Español. Juego al tenis, me gusta viajar e ir a la montaña. Puedo hablar contigo de cualquier tema. Me encanta conocer nuevas culturas.
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Last Activity: February 09, 2012
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I'm Antonella, a taiwanese girl but grew up in New Zealand. So I'm fluent in both English and Chinese. I wanted to master Spanish as my 3rd language. I don't mind chatting on msn and writing emails. I can offer the help I can with English and Chinese. surfing, music
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Last Activity: March 08, 2012
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I'm a 20 year old male from England who wants to become more fluent in Spanish in order to visit one day and be independent there. I'm fluent in English and willing to offer help in any way I can :) Music, art, gaming, languages, travel, anything really :)
Last Activity: January 09, 2012
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I need to start using Spanish with real people. I went through a lot of text books and can read fairly well but I want to be somewhat fluent or at least understand the spoken word. Well right now it's Spanish. I have been devoting a lot of time to my studies. I am a computer programmer professionally but that's not what I really care to talk about in these forums. I like to exercise, read, watch movies, normal things.
Last Activity: December 19, 2011
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I would like to be penpals because I think it would much easier and better to learn the Spanish language when speaking to someone with a lot of experience/ a native. I speak English and Jamaican Patois so...awesome :) I am interested in books, poetry, art etc along that line
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Last Activity: April 08, 2013
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I would like to learn and practice writing Spanish. I would appreciate having a pen pal who is patient in teaching Spanish and in return I will be very happy to help in learning the English language. I'm interested in physical fitness, dancing (zumba), walking, reading, arts and crafts, gardening, travel.
Last Activity: September 11, 2011
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I love spanish and I really want to improve and I think a penpal would help. I speak english fluently and I would be happy to provide corrections and answer questions. I play basketball and softball and I really enjoy spending time with my friends and boyfriend:) I love to go on hikes and spend time outdoors. I also love to ride horses.
Last Activity: July 10, 2012
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I teach high school Spanish in the U.S., but, I'm always seeking more practice - there's always more to learn! Politics, travel, gardening, my brand-new grandson, and spending time with my not-so-new husband

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