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Last Activity: March 20, 2013
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish Hello all! I'd like to improve my spanish. I could help you with Russian or English. My Skype is welldone271 My family, healthy life style, reading and sometimes-movies :)
Last Activity: November 11, 2012
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish Hello everyone ^_^. I'm Mai, 22 years old. I'm here to improve my Spanish, and I can help you with your English if you wish to. Let's Skype if you are interested ok? See you there! ^^ Listening to music, watching movies (comedy only), traveling and sleeping @@
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Last Activity: February 07, 2016
Hablo español y aprendo inglés Hello, I'm Julio, 37-year-old, from Spain. I have a pre-intermediate level of English and as everybody here I wish to improve my language skills. I'm very patient. Me gustaría encontrar una persona con ganas de aprender español seriamente. Cualquier tema puede ser interesante para hacer la conversación más entretenida. Tenemos mucho 2013 por delante.
Last Activity: October 05, 2012
Hablo español y aprendo inglés Hi, I'm Victor. I'm 20 years old. I'm from Spain. I want improve my English level. I think is a good idea meet a native English to exchange the 2 languages. The best opción I think is by Skype, because is a free program with voice and chat. We can speak X time in one language and then the same time in the other. We can prepare songs for the other student to improve our listening. -My account in skype is "iniestense" I can speak about everything.
Last Activity: September 25, 2012
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish it looks like most of the people here would return english for studying spanish,but i am different.jaja,i can teach english and chinese.hmmm english is just for the people are not so good at english sports,ourtdoor activities,music,dancing,language studying,etc
Last Activity: May 27, 2013
Hablo español y aprendo inglés I study english, I would to improve it. I could teach you spanish, you could teach me english. Sports, Music, Movies, Technology, Science...
Last Activity: August 07, 2012
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I am currently learning spanish and would love if someone could help me. I am a native english speaker and will offer all the help i can in return. Add my Skype: RyanCoombes92 I am a Music Technology Graduate, I enjoy performing and recording music. I enjoy my cars as well as doing bodywork and painting them.
Last Activity: June 02, 2013
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I'm a male student from England studying English language, and would love the opportunity to practice Spanish with a penpal. My course gives me a great insight into the English language, which I could well convey to anyone if they're interested in that. I'm a university student currently working through the summer until term resumes. I like reading, playing badminton and occasionally fencing. Getting drunk is naturally also quite high on the list :). I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't a bit of a gamer.
Last Activity: July 25, 2012
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I would like to have a penpal in order to practice my spanish. I am just learning the language and doing most of the work on my own. I don't know anyone that speaks spanish so this would be a great experience for me! I love to travel (all over the US an Europe), spend time with my family, and read. I like all types of books from suspense to fantasy to classic literature.
Last Activity: July 06, 2012
I speak English and I'm learning Spanish I have grown up in England and so English is my primary language. I also speak German as I have a multinational fiancé and have picked up a lot over the years. I love learning and will gladly try to help anyone trying to learn English in any way I can :) I love football and follow Sunderland AFC with pride and passion. I play the guitar and I enjoy extreme sports too. I also keep tropical fish in a natural planted aquarium. I find aquariums very relaxing after a long day of work :)

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