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fglorca January 22, 2020 01:50 AM

Papá, mamá
Are the terms ‘papá’, ‘mamá’, ‘yayo’, and ‘yaya’ only used affectionately, i.e. when you are speaking directly to the person?

Papá, déjame ir a la discoteca.
Mamá, préstame 20 euros.
Yayo, dame el chocolate, por favor.
Yaya, déjame 10 euros.

Can they be used with a definte article, as in these setences below?
Mi papá tiene 50 años.
Mi mamá tiene 60 años.
Mis papás son simpáticos
Mi yayo tiene 80 años.
Mi yayo tiene 60 años.
Mis yayos son inteligentes.

Many thanks.

Rusty January 22, 2020 07:52 AM

Those terms may be used in direct address (your first examples) and indirect address (your second examples).

Yayo/a isn't wide-spread usage, as far as I know (it's most likely a borrowing from Greek). Abuelo/a is universally used, but terms of endearment may also be heard, in both direct and indirect address.

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