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JPablo November 12, 2012 08:58 PM

Is someone interested in "derivations"?

I think that "el palabrero" is an interesting place to learn about Spanish words... It is for advanced learners and/or Spanish natives, but being brief and somewhat entertaining, sounds like a good option to improve your Spanish vocabulary...

Here is one link,

javcax January 03, 2013 05:02 PM

It's a good audio.
I usually use this site to listen to similar audios. Here are some links. I hope you like them.

JPablo January 03, 2013 05:09 PM

Thank you, javcax!

I like the links you included... (I am just listening to the first one.)

"Haber pasado más Navidades que Noches Buenas..." (that's a good one...)

"No saber uno donde le aprieta el zapato"...

It's funny that when one starts learning other languages, he realizes how much he needs to learn his own!!!

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