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i8pie2day December 13, 2009 04:04 PM

Ayudas Por favor
I desperately need help with some spanish homework?

I had to write some questions in spanish, and they need to be perfect. Please correct them if they are wrong. (ps. I am horrible with Accents)

1. Cuántos cosas diste a otras personas que tuvieron el mismo nombre?

2. Qué dijiste a la persona que hizo algo mal?

3. Donde estuviste cuando hubaba un huracán?

4. Por qué no viste las cosas que no existen?

5. Dónde hiciste tacos el ano pasado?

6. Fuiste al parque de atracciones para vomitar en un cubo de basura?

7. Pudiste comer cincuenta tacos el septiembre pasado?

8. Dónde pusiste tus oro y plato y otras cosas?

9. Qué cosas quisiste ocurrir este ano?

10. Supiste por qué yo maté tu mascota?

11. Fuiste un villano que mataste un galán?

12. Tuviste un extraterrestre en tus armario ayer?

13. Qué trajiste a la escuela para leer?

14. Cuando viniste a la escuela ayer?

Tomisimo December 13, 2009 07:58 PM

Since this is homework, I can't just give out the answers, but I can give you some hints:

1. Check your gender agreement for "things". The bit about "the same name" is ambiguous-- it could refer to the things or the people.
3. You have a non-existent word here.
4. It would sound better if you didn't mix preterit and present.
6. I would find a better translation for trash can.
8. Number agreement problems.
9. Ocurrir is not being used correctly here.
12. Number agreement.
14. "cuando" is not a valid translation for "when", when "when" means "at what time".

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