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ROBINDESBOIS January 12, 2018 12:03 PM

I like the hot/cold
I like the hot
I hate the cold
I don't like cold weather

Are they correct?

poli January 12, 2018 12:38 PM

All are correct

Rusty January 12, 2018 12:39 PM

All good.

AngelicaDeAlquezar January 12, 2018 03:23 PM

Wouldn't it rather be "I like the heat"? :thinking:

Rusty January 12, 2018 04:30 PM

Both "I like the hot" and "I like the heat" are acceptable. The sentence used by the OP ends in an adjective, of course, so we logically assume 'hot weather' is what was meant.

I would use "I like the heat," if 'weather' couldn't be gathered from the context, but the OP gave two opposing sentences and it was easy to see that he was talking about the weather in both.

AngelicaDeAlquezar January 12, 2018 07:33 PM

I see. Thank you, Rusty! :)

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