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Tomisimo September 18, 2009 02:55 PM

Spanish Letters - A tiny program to generate accented Spanish letters
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Spanish Letters is a tiny Windows program that you can use to generate accented Spanish letters and make your life easier.

Currently runs on Windows. Tested on Windows XP, should run on most versions — Win95/2000/XP/Vista/7.

User's Manual
Double click on the file to run it. Click the buttons to copy the characters to the clipboard. If you want to try to automatically insert the characters in your word processor or other program, try the auto insert checkbox, which is currently experimental.

You may download and use Spanish Letters free of charge.

There is nothing to install. Just unzip the file and double-click the SpanishLetters.exe file contained within to run it. The program installs nothing.

If you have support issues, questions, comments, bugs, problems, suggestions, requests, donations, ideas, etc., please start a new thread in this forum to discuss.

Spanish Letters was created by Tomisimo for all learners of Spanish. It is free in cost, and copyright by Feel free to share it with others, but do not sell it.

Remember that on this website,, most edit screens have an "Accents" dropdown menu to insert Spanish characters. Read more in this thread about inserting accented characters.

Click here to download your copy of Spanish Letters. Take a copy everywhere you go!

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