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birdlover31 October 05, 2021 09:25 AM

Attitudes towards Spanish dialects- PLEASE RESPOND!!
Hi everyone, I have an interview-style Spanish assignment due in 2 days over attitudes towards Spanish dialects. If you are a native Spanish speaker, PLEASE answer these questions: 1) In which country were you born?, 2) Where (what region) is the best Spanish spoken, and why? 3) Where is the worst Spanish spoken, and why?, and 4) Where is the best Spanish accent from? Thank you so much for helping me!

Hola a todos, tengo una asignación (al estilo de una entrevista) en español debido en 2 días sobre las actitudes hacia los dialectos españoles. Si usted es un hablante nativo de español, POR FAVOR conteste estas preguntas: 1) ¿En qué país nació?, 2) ¿Dónde (qué región) se habla mejor español, y por qué? 3) ¿De dónde se habla el peor español, y por qué?, y 4) ¿De dónde está el mejor acento español? ¡Muchas gracias por ayudarme!

ROBINDESBOIS October 12, 2021 06:40 AM

I was born in Spain.
They say the best one is the one spoken in Some parts of Castile. Because their diction follows the rules of pronunciation.
Apparently the worst spoken Spanish in Spain could be the region of Murcia, because sometimes it is really difficult to understand them. There are also some places in Andalucia where you have to make an effort to undestand some speakers, but I think it has to do with individuals.
The best Spanish accent is in Northern Spain, Castile and Leon because words are pronounced completely following the rules.
Countries of South America that I understand much better are, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Argentina.
Sometimes I have problems with Ecuadorians and Bolivians.
I m not taking into account slang which is different in every country, Just the way people pronounce and use sentence structures.

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