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Hiperbólico December 31, 2015 09:42 AM

Sobre la letra de "Pistoleros famosos"
¡Hola! I'm reading through the lyrics of the song Pistoleros famosos and have a few questions about translation and grammar. (hence why I chose this subforum over a more specific one)


Le tiraron a Ezequiel
1. Is this standard or an example of leísmo?


Si se mueren en la raya
No les importa la vida
2. What's the idea conveyed here? I would say la raya is "the line". The image I'm getting is that the pistoleros are in a line before a firing squad, but I could be misinterpreting it severely. :o


Murieron por que eran hombres
No porque fueran bandidos
3. Regarding the indicative and subjunctive moods, it seems the former line states a fact while the latter concerns a non-fact: "They died because they were (truly) men / not because they were (purported to be) bandits."

Is this the particular reason for the conjugation choice? [thanks in advance]

AngelicaDeAlquezar December 31, 2015 03:28 PM

1) No. It is a verb that needs an indirect object pronoun because if you say "lo tiraron", it means he was the one being shot, not a bullet at him.

2) "Morirse en la raya" is an idiom. It means to commit yourself to do something and die fullfilling your duty.

3) The cause of their death is not the fact that they had been bandits, but they died because they were men, and all men die.
The choice of the subjunctive sets a sort of time frame: they had been bandits before dying.

Hiperbólico January 01, 2016 11:06 PM

Muchas gracias por la respuesta, Angelica. :)

1. Sounds sensible. So essentially, no se tiran personas; se tiran balas. And una persona le tira a otra persona. Grammatically speaking, it's almost like "to shoot someone a text" rather than "to shoot someone or somebody".

2. That explains a lot. :thumbsup:

3. Okay. So the choice of mood emphasizes, regarding the deaths, their mortality rather than their activities.

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