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Bobbert January 19, 2018 09:29 PM

Are You Being Waited on, Ma'am?
When working in a public establishment, what is a good way to ask:

Are you being waited on, ma’am?
¿Le están atendiendo, señorita?
¿La están atendiendo, señorita?
¿Le atienden, señorita?
¿La atienden, señorita?

Is anyone waiting on you, ma’am?
¿Alguien le está atendiendo, señorita?
¿Alguien la está atendiendo, señorita?
¿Alguien le atiende, señorita?
¿Alguien la atiende, señorita?

Are you being helped, ma’am?
¿Está siendo ayudado, señorita?

Is anyone helping you, ma’am?
¿Alguien la está ayudando, señorita?

Any corrections and suggestions as to how to convey the above is appreciated.

Any explanations as to whether "le" or "la" is used with the verb "atender" when addressing a female is also appreciated, even if that is the wrong verb to use in the examples I have written above.

AngelicaDeAlquezar January 19, 2018 09:37 PM

These verbs take a direct object, so the right pronoun to use is "la". However, saying "le" is correct in some regions (mostly in Spain) where it's used as a courtesy pronoun.

As a side note: "Está siendo ayudada" sounds really strange. It's not incorrect, but the passive voice is not commonly used in Spanish to address someone directly. It's better to use the same structure of your previous examples. I'd say something like "¿Ya la atienden / ya la están ayudando, señorita?" ;)

Bobbert January 19, 2018 09:49 PM

Thank you, Angelica.

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