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HarleyH April 25, 2013 01:51 PM

Subjuntive or indicative?
Hello, sorry if this is a really stupid question but I'm fairly new to Spanish. I'm trying to say something along the lines of...

"I think it's ridiculous that cats are more popular than dogs".

I'm under the impression "creer que" uses indicative but "es ridiculo que" uses subjunctive... So is it the case that because it's "creer que" I use the indicative, or should it be subjunctive as it's my own subjective opinion?

Thanks! :thinking:

JPablo April 25, 2013 03:09 PM

Mmm... good question. At first sight I thought you could go either way, but the subjunctive is better in Spanish, and actually the "standard" solution.

My take,
"Creo que es ridículo que los gatos sean más populares que los perros".

And then you can say it in many other ways, but to use infinitive you'd need another "twist",

"Creo que es ridículo pensar que los gatos son más populares que los perros".

This next would not be correct,
"Creo que es ridículo que los gatos son más populares que los perros".*

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