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mrexxxtreme February 04, 2012 05:08 AM

Help with tattoo translation
Hello! I´m gonna get a back tattoo with the text Gasolina En La Sangre.
I google translated "Gasoline in the blood" and it says "gasolina en la sangre"
But when i tried another translating tool i get "La gasolina en la sangre"
Which is the right way to spell it?
Should i have the "La" in the beginning?

Thank you for helping!

aleCcowaN February 04, 2012 06:22 AM

"gasolina en la sangre" without the la (not only unnecessary but also wrong)

but the sentence looks like there's something tainted or some sort of blood contamination. If the intention is conveying the notion of having gasoline in the veins because of being some sort of all-terrain power vehicle, "con gasolina por sangre" or "gasolina en las venas" are better. Anyway, it's not advisable to get tattooed in languages that one doesn't master. Girls wearing t-shirts with lewd and diminishing inscriptions in foreign languages are enough warning.

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