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Originally Posted by Esppiral View Post
As much as I love the catalan language, I must admit you should learn any other language instead..., French or Italian will allow you to communicate with much more people around the world than catalan will allow you to, those who speak catalan also speaks french, spanish or Italian as well ( the vast majority) so go for one of those.

You're right about people who speak Catalan also speak French, Spanish or Italian.
When I was going to school in Italy I met some people who spoke Catalan and they
understood everything I said in Italian. It's not so much that they speak French
and Italian it's more like they can just understand because Catalan is similar to French
and Italian. Actually contrary to popular belief Catalan is even more similar to Italian
than to French but then again Italian is also similar to French. Italian has the rolled
r sound and Italian vowels are the same as Spanish vowel sounds. Further more Italian
has the ñ sound too.

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