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Maybe you'd get confused if you pick up Dutch and Afrikaans or Flemish at the same time. I can't really compare those three languages but they must be very similar.
They are very similar. A big part of Belgium (the one close the Dutch border) speaks Dutch as well and mostly. Flemish is available throughout the country. The Belgian part close to the French border speaks French (instead of Dutch). ut I guess some people speak Dutch there, too, and also people will speak French in the "Dutch"-part of Belgium. If you speak the German dialect Friesisch you already have mastered a big part of Dutch. In the northern part of Dutch (the part close to the German border, not the one with Amsterdam / Zandvoort etc.) speaks a Dutch dialect also called Friesisch. No suprise this part is called Friesland, too. A German part (northern islands) are called Ostfriesland. As for Afrikaans I'd guess it's the same as like Spanish to Portuguese. Some different words for the same meaning (Afrikaans: kombuis; Dutch: keuken - meaning cocina / kitchen) (Anecdote for the German learners: kitchen in German is a synonym for prison).

You wouldn't do that but I like to mention it, just in case: Don't do jokes about how fast Germany conquered the Netherlands in WW2. They will be mad forever. That's a standard info efore you travel to the Netherlands. At least it was for me and many others. Just as if we would say something like this.
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