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Originally Posted by SPX View Post
I think it's interesting that you say the English R sounds better than the French R. Why is that?
I should have said it's a personal opinion. A French person saying a sentence with lots of RR would sound as gggg...ggg ...ggggg. I'd be under the impression that he/she can't breath properly. Nothing to see with the 'light, soft and sweet'' English R (that are the adjectives that come to me mind when comparing with the French R)

I want to make sure I am understood. I'd also prefer to not sound ridiculous. Would you suggest that I pronounce RR words--as well as words that begin with R--simply like a hard English R instead of attempting to roll it French-style?
You won't sound ridiculous and you'll be understood. I'd forgot about the French-style.

I remember talking once to a Guatemalan Spanish about the word "rey." I pronounced it simply like the English word "ray," which he seemed to find quite unacceptable, ha ha.
Some people find fault with everything.

I also am concerned about how to make the differentiation between words like caro/carro and pero/perro
Context. Bob Marley.
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