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Originally Posted by Fazor View Post
Speaking of past subjunctive;
Penso que yo comiese mayonesa mal con mi almuerzo. Ugh.
The subjunctive is not needed in this sentence (there is no reason to use the subjunctive mood).
You should use creer instead of pensar (whose 1st-person construction is pienso, by the way).

You can say "Creo haber comido mayonesa mala ...," (I think (believe) I've eaten bad mayonnaise ...) or you can say "Creo que comí mayonesa mala ..." (I think (believe) I ate bad mayonnaise ...).

It looks like you found the imperfect subjunctive (comiese/comiera) just fine. If you want to see it in action, negate the verb to create doubt:
No creo que él comiera/comiese mayonesa mala ...
(This is what your doctor says to the nurse after they send you home from the emergency room when you're feeling better.)
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