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¡Vaya! This takes me back more than thirty five years. I was holidaying in a hotel in Sitges with some other English lads and there was a group of very pretty young andaluzas staying there at the same time. One evening while sitting at the bar I started chatting to one these girls (I thought the prettiest of them all), when some of her friends came down and sat at a table, and I was invited to sit with them. I really thought I'd 'pulled'!

I sat down and some of my mates sat nearby, and the youngest started larking about and making everyone laugh. My new amiga said "Él es muy divertido, ¿no?", I replied "Sí, siempre hace de payaso", pronouncing the 'y' like an English 'y'.

One of her compañeras said "Se pronuncia paJaso", which I answered with "Oh, ok", but my new friend defended my pronunciation, and the two started arguing angrily. Soon all the Spanish girls were in two sides arguing furiously until one camp left, enraged. The others including my new 'conquest' retired to their rooms to dry their eyes.

The whole thing put an end to my new friendship and ruined what had promised to be a very pleasant evening!
Me ayudaríais si me hicierais el favor de corregir mis errores.

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