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Que = keh
hay = aye
de = theh
nuevo = noo eh voh

kehaye thehnwehvo

(The Spanish 'v' and 'b' are both said like the American English 'b', but without touching your lips together.)

Just as we English speakers blend/run words together, so do Spanish speakers.
Being able to tell what is being said at full throttle is an important exercise all learners of the language must totally engage in. Make sure you listen to lots of Spanish as it is spoken by a native and do your utmost to exactly imitate what you're hearing.

If you were learning American English and slowly pronounced every word in "Do you want to go with me or not?" you would certainly be understood, but your question would sound stilted. However, if a native speaker rattled it off as "Ju wanna go 'ith me 'r not?" you, as a learner, would have to pick up on the fact that a native speaker doesn't take the time to say all the individual words and letters that make up the question.

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