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Originally Posted by EmpanadaRica View Post
Ahhh... I never knew it was called a 'boot' also... now the name of the show called 'Car booty' makes so much more sense to me..

(I was thinking it was slang of sorts..)

I think "car booty" comes from "car boot sale", a type of "jumble sale" or "Flea market" where people buy and sell things from the back of a car.

I guess "booty call" is another boot/booty again all entirely..??

Wonder if the word 'bootlegging' is derived from this meaning of the word 'boot' too or does it have another origin - does anyone know?
"Booty" describes the treasures stolen by a pirate, or I think it can also mean "Buttocks" or "Butt" in the USA. In Norfolk the natives allegedly say "booty" and "bootiful", as in adverts by Bernard Matthews (a Turkey farmer)
I think your "booty callers" might be after chasing your beautiful butt in order to plunder your treasures, rather than your kinky footware.

I have no idea how a bootlegger gets his name.

PS tried to send you a clip of "Kinky Boots film - these boots were made ...." without success, but you can google it very easily!
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