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Well in fact I just escaped a rather persistent "looter" who was after my booty when I was taking some sunshine outside.. Guess he was looking for a booty call But he was "llamando a la puerta equivocada.."

Thanx for the explanations and elaborations Brute and Lou Ann

Originally Posted by brute View Post
A German friend of mine was listening to the funeral of Winston Churchill on Dutch radio. Lady Churchill was walking behind the coffin, when the commentator said: "Lady Churchill lopt agter de kist" It sounded to him that "she was running after the crate/ packing case" He thought it sounded funny.
"Lady Churchill loopt achter de kist".

kist=chest or coffin. Well in the 'pirate chest of gold' sense not in the male 'pirate' after female assets sense.. schatkist = treasure chest.

In fact 'schat' means 'treasure' but it is also a term of endearment like my honey, darling, sweetie..

Crate = 'krat', packing case = 'doos' I guess although 'doos' is also a derogatory term for a 'mujer/muchacha tonta'.. so be careful not to call your girlfriend 'doos' instead of 'schat' if you ever end up with a Dutch liaison.. Might be a painful mistake..

To run after = ergens achteraan lopen/rennen.
"Roam with young Persephone.
With the morrow, there shall be
One more wraith among your number"
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