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In Spain there is a hard debate about PC language, specially since the socialists came to power six years ago and established a so called "Ministry of Equalty". Till then, we had heard just a few extemists, saying the spanish language was sexist and criticising the classical gramatical male gender as not marked and accurated for both gendres names and adjectives. Well nowadays the PC language is compulsory in politics and press and the use of padres y madres where before was enough with padres, or jueces y juezas, ciudadanos y ciudadanas, etc, is common. The young ministress of equalty Bibiana Aído, has invented new weird words, as "miembras", "jóvenas", etc. In fact, the Spanish novelist and Spanish Language Academy member, Arturo Pérez Reverte, published not a long time ago, an article explaining how, a bussines man from Galicia, who had published an advertising looking for an accountant, had to remove and rewrite it including that he wanted a male or female accountant under the threat of being sued by sexual discrimination made by a govern official.

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