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The object in this case is a direct object. Ask yourself, "What/Whom do you believe?" If you can answer "him, her or you" (or their plurals), you are dealing with a direct object.
The direct object pronoun for 'him' is 'lo'. For 'her', it is 'la'. For 'you (formal-Usted)', first determine the gender and then use 'lo' or 'la', accordingly.

No lo creo. = I don't believe it/him/you (formal, male).
No la creo. = I don't believe her/you (formal, female).
No los creo. = I don't believe them/you (formal, plural, all male or mixed company).
No las creo. = I don't believe them/you (formal, plural, all female).

If you're in a place where leísmo is commonplace, or tolerated, it's OK to use 'le' (but only if the direct object is a singular male (or of masculine gender)). The plural form is 'les'.
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