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Our site provides you with the conjugations you'll need.
Up at the very top of the screen, on the left-hand side is an input box that contains the word 'Search'. To its right, 'Dictionary' appears in the drop-down box. Change that to read 'Conjugations'.
Then type in the verb (the unconjugated form (infinitive) listed in each set of parentheses in the assignment) in the Search bar and press enter.
For 'ser', the present indicative tense conjugations are:

 Singular Person  Sing. Conj.  Plural Person  Plural Conj. 
 yo  soy  nosotros  somos 
 t  eres  vosotros  sois 
 usted, l, ella  es  ustedes, ellos, ellas  son 

Looking at your first blank, the verb follows 'Sergio'. He (l) is a singular third person, so the conjugated verb you should pick from the table comes from the third row, in the 'Sing. Conj.' column.
Repeat this exercise for each blank in your assignment, determining what person to use in each case for each verb.

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