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The preposition "a" is appropriate here, because this is not a "personal a", but an indirect object, Bob.

In the sentence, the subject is "jugar", while the indirect object is "los perros".

A los perros les encanta jugar.

The verb "encantar" is just like "gustar". Although we tend to focus on the importance of the person or animal for whom a thing or an action is interesting, the actual subject is the thing.

Our fellow forum member, Poli, has a great tip: Treat the sentences with the verb "gustar/encantar/fascinar" as if they were like "this thing pleases me". In your sentence, "playing pleases the dogs".

This is a very difficult subject, Bob. Here are some links you might find useful to more conversations and examples about this topic, here, here, and here. If you need clarification or more explanations let me know.
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