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Originally Posted by irmamar View Post
The verb to frown means "mirar con malos ojos", in the sense of "estar en desacuerdo".

I think that when you're learning a language, you should learn the rules of this language. For instance, I know that in English "wanna" and "gonna" are some common words, but I prefer use "want to" and "going to" instead the first ones. Both Spanish and English have a lot of speakers and almost each town or village speaks in a different way, we're not able to know all the ways. So, the best thing is studying the standar and the rules as they have been established. So, I agree with the RAE and I try to speak and write the best Spanish I'm able to. And I'd like to do the same with English. Well, that's my opinion, others will have another one.
Yes I know the different and I understand the rules of the grammatic of the English, I know that the words Wanna and Gonna, are specially used in the U.S.A, I use them because I feel more comfortable with them, as according to your commentary the want to and go to are the way more correct instead of the first ones and they are more used in British.
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