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Originally Posted by Elaina View Post
Ficha ......Ella es una fichita. (She's quite a wh...)


Ella está fichada. - something like - She's a marked (by police) woman.

Not a good word to be........

I guess the origin is from years ago when women in bars and dance halls would have chips or tokens ... I don't quite know if they were paid depending on the tokens they "earned" in the course of the night or what.. anyone know?
Not sure if in chile is used like that now, but not in my times...about a woman beinga wh...

estar fichada/o means to to have been fingerprinted by the police and taken a mugshot.

Originally Posted by laepelba View Post
Wow, Elaina! You're quite an etymologist! Your vocation ... or avocation?
vocation = vocación is the correct word.

Originally Posted by laepelba View Post
I've been looking at the definition of "ficha" in the RAE. I have a quick question about one of those definitions:
#6 says: "Papel o cartulina, generalmente rectangular y de pequeño tamaño, en que se anotan datos generales, bibliográficos, jurídicos, económicos, policiales, etc., y que se archiva verticalmente con otras del mismo formato."
Is this describing something like a rolodex?
Correct. Also like the card system at the library, all those are fiche like in microfiche.

Originally Posted by laepelba View Post
Mientras, mi oracion de práctica:
Mi sobrino topó a la mesa. Las fichas del juego bajaron en todas partes.

(Am I using "ficha" correctly? In the first sentence, is "a" the correct preposition? Are "topar" and "bajar" the correct verbs to use?)

Your welcome.
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