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Originally Posted by laepelba View Post
"Cofre" in this context mostly reminds me of the English word "coffin" (more so than "coffer").

"Coffin" being the large wooden/metal/fiberglass crate in which a dead body is buried....
Well yes I know the word 'coffin' But I wonder if this is how it is used in Spanish..
I know 'coffer' isn't a word used often in English (I was referring to its existence in terms of the word itself, the likeness/resemblance of this word occurring in different languages eventhough meaning something slightly different. ) Thanx for the explanation about it, because I have hardly ever heard this word used in English.

So I thought a 'cofre' would be more along the lines of this:


Or would it be used for something more along the lines of an actual coffin in Spanish too..?

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