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Smile Proposal for engagement

Dear Members,

I do not speak Spanish but I would like your help.

Next month I am going to meet my sweetheart's parents and ask for their permission to marry their daughter.
As the custom dictates, we are going to have an engagement first before the marriage. This means that our two families will meet and I am going to give her the ring.

My sweethart's mom is from Mexico and its clear to me that she is the one I need to make a good impression to.

So I have decided, when the time comes to meet her, to say a sentence I have prepared in Spanish.

Hence, I would like to ask your assistance in order to translate this sentence into Spanish.

Here is what I have in mind:

"I promise I will love you daughter and will do everything I can to make her happy"

It is short and punchy because nobody else from those people present speak Spanish, and I don't want to get nervous and forget half of the things I want to say.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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