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Good job.

Some comments and suggestions below:

Originally Posted by cannon4747 View Post
Comida es qué americanos encanta. Ves como gordo americanos son comparan a otros países. (It's unclear what you mean in these sentences, would you please reword or explain what you intended to say?)

Ellos hacen muy pocos comidas (Check gender agreement) originales. *** (Definite article is missing here) americanos en general toman comidas (Not incorrect, but when talking about cuisine, maybe "platos/platillos" would be preferred) de otros países. Algunos de estos alimentos incluyen hamburguesas de alemania (Check spelling), pizza de Italia, gofres de Francia, y (Never use "y" before a word starting with "i"; for reasons of euphony, "y" becomes "e" if the next word starts with "i") incluso helado de China.

Pero, *** (Definite article is missing here) americanos tienen unas comidas (Check previous note) originales como *** (Definite article is missing here) barbacoa, *** (Definite article is missing here) comida cajun, y *** (Definite article is missing here) carne mechada.

No importa de dónde viene (Your subject here is unclear; can you please reword or explain what you mean?), *** (Definite article is missing here) americanos encuentran una manera disfrutar todos de las comidas (Meaning unclear. Would you please reword or explain please?).
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