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Originally Posted by AngelicaDeAlquezar View Post
Good job.

Some comments and suggestions below:
Okay thank you a ton, I will adjust those errors and post another draft.

Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
What I believe he meant, in English, is
"Food is what Americans love. You see how fat Americans are compared to other countries." ... "It doesn't matter where you come from, Americans find a way to enjoy all the foods."
Correct except for the final sentence, I meant that to say "It doesn't matter where IT comes from, Americans find a way to enjoy all food."

Second draft, edits in bold:
Comida es qué los americanos encanta. Ves como gordo los americanos son comparan a otros países.

Ellos hacen muy pocas comidas originales. Los Americanos en general toman comidas de otros países. Algunos de estos alimentos incluyen hamburguesas de Alemania, pizza de Italia, gofres de Francia, e incluso helado de China.

Pero, los Americanos tienen unas comidas originales como la barbacoa, la comida cajun, y el carne mechada.

No importa de dónde viene, Americanos encuentran una manera disfrutar todos de las comidas.
I hope that looks better. I hope I cleared up some of the issues with my previous reply as to what I actually wanted it to say lol.

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