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Originally Posted by cannon4747 View Post
Correct except for the final sentence, I meant that to say "It doesn't matter where IT comes from, Americans find a way to enjoy all food."
It was hard to tell. Thanks for providing the English version.

Originally Posted by cannon4747 View Post
(missing article) Comida es (missing a relative pronoun) qué (missing a preposition) los americanos (missing an indirect object pronoun) encanta. Ves como (wrong word) gordo(watch concordance) (missing a conjunction, and the verb you used later in this sentence follows the conjunction) los americanos son comparan (need to use an adjective (in the form of a past participle) here) a otros países.

Ellos hacen muy pocas comidas originales. Los Americanos, en general, preparan comidas prestadas de otros países. Algunos de estos alimentos incluyen hamburguesas de Alemania, pizza de Italia, gofres de Francia, e incluso helado de China.

Pero, los Americanos tienen unas comidas originales, como la barbacoa, la comida cajun, y el carne mechada.

No importa de dónde viene, (missing article) de los Estados Unidos encuentran una manera (missing preposition) disfrutar (missing preposition) todos clase de las comidas.
I'm concerned that your presentation has flaws in it other than grammar.

Research suggests that pizza, as we know it in America, is nothing like the pizza served anywhere in Italy. Pizza was brought to America by Italian immigrants, that is true, but the pizza served in most regions of the United States is very much an American invention.
The hamburger is definitely an American invention. While it's true that Hamburg, Germany, had minced or chopped beef known as Hamburg steak, the hamburger as we know it had its beginnings in the United States. There is still debate as to who invented it, but the hamburger has been served up since the late 1800's.
The waffle iron with the honeycomb pattern was invented in America (in 1969), but cooking batter between hinged iron plates over coals can be traced back to the ancient Greeks.
The Spanish word for barbecue (barbacoa) was used long before the English word existed. The Spanish got their word from a Native American people living in the Caribbean during the conquests. Americans (people in the United States) did not invent cooking meat over coals. That's been around for centuries. Topping barbecued meat with a sweetened tomato sauce might be considered an American invention. Heinz sold the first barbecue sauce.

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