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Okay thank you, I will use your tips for my speech. Thanks very much.

As for the vailidity of the statements, I doubt that it's very important. On the sheet the teacher gave us, truthfulness of what we talk about wasn't one of the criteria.
La comida es que los americanos les encanta. Ves como los americanos gordos comparan a otros países.

Ellos hacen muy pocas comidas originales. Los Americanos, en general, preparan comidas prestadas de otros países. Algunos de estos alimentos incluyen hamburguesas de Alemania, pizza de Italia, gofres de Francia, e incluso helado de China.

Pero, los Americanos tienen unas comidas originales como la barbacoa, la comida cajun, y el carne mechada.

No importa de dónde viene, de los estados unidos encuentran una manera disfrutar todo clase de comida.
I took your advice to the best of my ability to understand. Prior to this class, I had about 2/3 of a year of spanish 1, so it's not gonna look perfect. I'm sure there are still many grammatical errors, but thats fine. I took the first presentation of the semester because thats when the teacher would be the most lenient in this area. We have little actual knowledge of spanish. So far we've basically covered greetings, the alphabet, and ser. A speech of this caliber so early, even with a few grammatical errors, would be unheard of.

Thank you all for all your help. I'll respond with the results of my presentation.


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