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I believe "Put a mark on an exam" would make sense in British English.

In American English: 'Grade a test.' or, less common, 'Give/Assign a grade for/to a test.'
"I'd give it (the test) an 8, or a score of 8."

A score of 8 wouldn't make sense in America. We assign a score of 100, or a letter grade of 'A,' when someone gets every response right, and subtract points from that perfect score for each incorrect answer given (or a percentage is calculated). The score/percentage roughly corresponds to a letter grade. One college posts their grading criteria as documented in the table below.

 Percent  Letter Grade 
 94-100  A 
 90-93  A- 
 87-89  B+ 
 83-86  B 
 80-82  B- 
 77-79  C+ 
 73-76  C 
 70-72  C- 
 67-69  D+ 
 63-66  D 
 60-62  D- 
 <60  F 

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