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Thanks, but could you follow up on a couple things I still don't understand?

Thanks for the reply. This helped a lot. Also, I didn't realize this forum was used for Spanish students learning English. I'll try to be more careful with my grammar from now on. Thank you for correcting me. First of all, I don't see what I did wrong in the first sentence. When I was learning more basic, common phrases, my teacher wasn't very good so I am not very good at some particular things. I am trying to say "We do many things like trick or treat and we go to the haunted houses. I know for the second error I didn't conjugate the verb but when I said "Como" I was trying to say "Like" as in such as. Could someone explain to me how I am supposed to do this? An example in a different context would be very helpful but i would be fine with an easy to understand explanation. Now for the second sentence, why did you cross out "de terminamos". I was trying to say "after we finish". Now for the fifth sentence, I don't see what was wrong with "alrededor de". I'm trying to say "the other kids ran around the streets" Also, in the eighth sentence, what was wrong with "Evitabamos" and the "Ellos" in parenthesis. I know "por que" was wrong but I don't see what was wrong with those other two. We used to avoid the black cats because they were bad luck. Finally I dont understand any of the errors in the last sentence. I know you can't do my homework for me but could you explain them in a less grammatically technical way? Sadly, a lot of these descriptions you put don't mean anything to me because I do not understand them. I sort of get the last sentences errors but not completely. Would it be okay if I said "Nunca ibamos a una casa si los luces eran apartado porque los personas no tuve dulces?" I realize I probably used the quotation marks wrong excessively. Sorry.
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