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Last Questions.

Thanks for the fast reply. It was quite helpful. Now I think I have most everything right but there's a couple things I'm still not sure about. One thing is in the first sentence.

"Hacíamos muchas cosas como truco o trato y ibamos a las casas embrujadas"

This is my revised version of the sentence. I'm still a little confused about what you mean by the missing article after como. When looking at the fourth definition for como on this website, it seems that it is used exactly the same as I used it. I don't see anything wrong with the way I used it. I'm sure there is something wrong but I just don't see it.

Also, I don't believe it is otra niños in the fifth sentence. niños is ovbiously masculine. Why was the last o in otro marked by you?

Here's the revised version.

Hacíamos muchas cosas como truco o trato y ibamos a las casas embrujadas

Abrían sus puertas y nos dan dulces para comer después

Leíamos las palabras en las lápidas cada año.

Llenabamos nuestras fundas de almohadas con los dulces de nuestros vecinos.

Otro niños corrían las calles porque era muy entusiasmado

Willy Wonka hace dulces para personas compran para dar a los niños a las halloween

Empezamos nuestra búsqueda a las siete y media y terminamos a las ocho y media

Evitabamos los gatos negros porque ellos eran suerte mal.

Nunca ibamos a una casa si los luces estabamos apagadas porque las
personas no tuvieron dulces

Again thanks a lot. Not only for helping me with this assignment but with Spanish in general. I'm sure I'll get something out of this. Again, thank you.
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