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En torno a

Originally Posted by poli View Post
Does this have the same meaning as sobre when sobre means about? Is it generally understood?
¡Hola, Poli!

“En torno a” has two meanings.

1 - You can translate it into English as “around” or “approximately”. I.e: “El sospechoso era un hombre en torno a los treinta años de edad”; -“around” (both in the physical and figurative sense). I.e.: “Los seguidores se reunieron en torno al líder”-

2 – As you point out, you can also translate it as “about” or “in relation to”. It has the same meaning as “a cerca de”. I.e.: “El candidato hizo un discurso en torno a los temas que más preocupaban a los electores”.

It is perfectly understood and of very common use.

I hope that answers your doubt.

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