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Originally Posted by Tomisimo View Post
As others have said, the word is recordarse.

Jorge Luis Borges writes of the "unbearable lucidity of insomnia" (1998:98). He describes sleep as a state in which one is able to forget oneself. When one awakens, however, time, places, and people return - the self returns. One of the many words in Spanish for "to awaken" and which Borges regularly employs is recordarse, which translates literally to "remember oneself." In this sense, when one awakens, one remembers oneself; in the absence of sleep, the self never leaves, never forgets, and, thus, remains vigilant over itself and its memories.
From: A Reader in Medical Anthropology: Theoretical Trajectories, Emergent Realities page 533.
Oh! that wonderful Anglo-Saxon imagination and BS artfulness!

Google: "No results found for +Borges +recordarse."
CORDE: texto "recordarse", autor "Borges" ---> "No existen casos para esta consulta."

No Borges writing about "the unbearable lucidity of insomnia" nor regular use of "recordarse".

The text comes from an interview by L.S. Dembo, held in English on November 21st 1969 in Madison Winsconsin. They're talking about "Funes, el Memorioso", and "the unbearable terribly lucidity of insomnia" are apparently words from Dembo Borges is taking in his reply: «The terribly lucidity of insomnia. And there's a common word in Argentine Spanish for awaken: recordarse, to remember oneself. When you're sleeping, you can't remember yourself -in fact, you're nobody, although you may be anybody in a dream. Then suddenly you wake up and "remember yourself"; you say "I am so-and-so; I'm staying in such-and-such a place; I'm living in such-and-such a year." But recordarse is used as a common word and I don't think anybody has worked out all its implications»

Don't try to use recordarse as synonym of awaken in Argentina, not even in Borgian circles, because nobody will understand you and they'll think you're mixed up with Spanish as a second language.
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