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Originally Posted by WanderlustWhispers View Post
How did I do??? :-)

Quiero hablar acerca de mí, mi mejor amigael mejor, mi familia y mis perros. Mi mejor amiga el mejor es muy bonita y graciosa. Ella es enérgica, aunque a veces tranquila. [Ella] esSe ha divorciado pero está contenta. Mi madre es amable y simpática, gentil [dulce/amable], y nunca egoista, celosa o mezquina. Creo que mi hijo es relativamente[bastante] talentoso [superdotado/inteligente] y fiel [digno de confianza]. Mis perros sonesta lindos, aunque no muy/demasiado disciplinados mucho. [Son malos cuando se enfadan.] Son mezquinos cuando están enfadados. [Yo] Soy cortés [educada], estoy enamorada y prometida.

Gracias por tu tiempo.
¡Hasta luego y cuídate!

What I was trying to say..

I want to talk about me, my best friend, family and dogs. My best friend is very pretty and funny. She is energetic although sometimes calm. She is divorced but happy. My mother is very nice and likeable, gentle and never selfish, jealous or mean. I think my son is rather gifted and faithful. My dogs are cute although not disciplined much. They are mean when angry. I am polite, in love and engaged.

Thank you for your time.
Until later and take care!
¡Hola, WanderlustWhispers!
¡Muy bien!
I was able to understand everything, so good on that. I marked corrections in red and suggestions in blue.
I hope you understand these, but if any question, please let me know. Glad that you are having a good time!
Keep practicing!
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