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I agree with David. In the case you mentioned, Elaina, you can use both prepositions. These are an exigency of the noun habilidad, which can be habilidad para or habilidad de. But I don't think the sense changes at all.

What it is really weird in your sentence is that the speaker used both very close to each other, as its stylistic choice wasn't sure.

I also agree with Gemma, as I would say something like: Sé conducir camiones y coches.

In the case I had to use habilidad, I would use:
  • No tengo la habilidad de cocinar.
  • Tengo una gran habilidad para cocinar.
But the above is a stylistic distribution that varies from speaker to speaker.

There is another weird thing in your sentence: pero. Why are adversed conditions to be able to drive one or another? This makes me think that this Spanish is not very good, so you shouldn't have it as an example of right usage. You saw it and you understood it, sure, but you don't need to imitate it, as it can be confusing. Sure the speaker is not meaning different things by habilidad para / habilidad de.
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