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Originally Posted by Fazor View Post
Isn't 'Me llamo Whatever' directly translated as "I call myself Whatever" ?

And isn't it reflexive whenever a verb acts upon the same object that is doing said verb?

EDIT: Ooops. Tomisimo and Angelica's posts were hiding on a second page, and I did not see them before posting this. Disregard, as the question's been answered already. Gracias.
Yes, I explain this in my post above (#22). If you want to distinguish between reflexive and pronomial verbs, then this one is pronomial, since the agent and patient (usually the grammatical subject and direct object) is not the same. In "me llamo X", you are the agent (subject), but you are not the direct object (you're an indirect object). But under the second definition I gave, this can be considered a reflexive verb, since it uses a reflexive pronoun that is the grammatical object of the verb, even though it's not a direct object. I hope this makes sense. I can keep explaining if it doesn't.
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