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There is a little typo: Laundry bag - bolsa para la ropa sucia

Some alternative names:
Dressing room - vestidor NM
Clothes shop - boutique NF
In Mexico: Clothesline - tendedero NM or lazo para tender (la ropa) NM

A few additions:
Wool - lana NF
Polyester - poliéster NF
Underwear - ropa interior NF
Pantyhose - pantimedia NF
Stockings - medias NPF
Raincoat - gabardina NF
Sleeve - manga NF
Formal wear - ropa de vestir NF

Blancos NPM:
Pillow - almohada NF
Pillow case - funda (para almohada) NF
Counterpane/bed quilt (?) - colcha NF
Blanket - cobija NF / cobertor NM
Bed sheets - sábanas NPF
Towel - toalla NF
Tablecloth - mantel NM
Napkin - servilleta NF
Tablemat - carpeta NF
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