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Originally Posted by Bolboreta View Post
poli, have you ever been in Galicia? Ata logo is galician language, but in this region we often use mixed words -like in every bilingual region, I suppose-. As a curiosity, our Spanish-Galician mixed language is called "castrapo", as the mixture of Spanish and English is Spanglish. Many people say Hasta logo (hasta is spanish and logo is galician)

I ask you because I lived in different regions and I never heard Hasta logo out of Galicia. At the rest of Spain they use Hasta luego or 'taluego.
Thank you for this thread. This is the kind of information that really interests me. castrapo is a new word for me!I have never been to Northern Spain except Catalunya,and I never realized that logo a gallego word, but, at least to my anglo ear, everyone in Madrid says logo, o hasta log, o ata logo. It's almost as commonly heard as vale (the equivalent of our OK). When hasta logo is said, it sounds amost sung--starting low en ending higher and the last o is heald onto for awhile. ¿hay muchos gallegos en Madrid? I don't much hear the use of logo in andalucia.
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