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I hug my friend. (Subject=I, Verb=hug, Direct Object=my friend)
I give a hug to my friend. (Subject=I, Verb=give, Direct Object=hug, Indirect Object=to my friend)

The Spanish personal 'a' is only used when the direct object (accusative case) is a person (or something personified). This 'a' is not the same as the preposition 'a' used to introduce an indirect object (dative case).

Abrazo a mi amigo. (The personal 'a' is used with the direct object, because it refers to a person.)
Lo abrazo. The direct object pronoun is not preceded by a personal 'a'.

Abrazo a mamá. La abrazo.
Abrazo a Marco. Lo abrazo.

Doy un abrazo a mi amigo.
(The direct object (abrazo) is not a person, so it isn't preceded by a personal 'a'.) (The indirect object (a mi amigo) is ALWAYS introduced with the preposition 'a', which is translated into English as 'to'.)

Perhaps some of the examples on this page will help solidify the concept of the personal 'a'.
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