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Helpful resources

I began my Spanish learning adventure via the use of the DuoLingo app which was great! Once I finished that, I spent quite a while searching for other resources I could use for continued development of my language skills and I wanted to share some of these with you:

Spanish Obsessed: ( - they offer great resources and audio materials at varying levels of difficulty.

CHATconJK: (youtube channel UCZTGkAZvaRXoBDIqb-Ypo8w) - this is a brand new channel intended for both English speakers learning Spanish and vice-versa. Short entertaining videos that look at topics such as false friends, idioms, colloquial expressions...

SpanishSessions: (youtube channel UCU-GWSBUq8FAqmOXA3N6gzw) - these videos are conducted completely in Spanish but with subtitles available if you need them. Great for training the ear.

The Spanish Blog: (youtube channel UCTE_K15-rkN7h9xdfzYlDfw) - Spanish lessons taught by a Spanish person.

Professor Jason: (youtube channel UC2-lKlnIdzq6-e-zwU34YJw) - one of my favourites. He is a teacher by profession and explains some of the more difficult aspects of Spanish really well.

Always interested in finding others so I welcome any of your suggestions!

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