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Originally Posted by brute View Post
John advised /asked /begged /forbad(e) /instructed /invited /ordered /
reminded /urged /told /taught / persuaded Susan to do something. These will all work.

These verbs can all have people as direct objects.

Say and remember do not work. Neither will verbs such as speak, talk, think, sing remember have abstract direct objects such as words, thoughts and memories as direct objects (DO) and people as observers/ recipients/ or indirct objects (IO) of the actions

John said something (DO) to Susan (ID)
He sang Susan(IO) a song (DO) or He sang a song (DO) to Susan IO object)
He remembered meeting (DO) Susan or he remembered Susan (DO)

I hope this makes some sense to you. I am confused now!!
Thanks, Brute.

I hope you're not confused, if you are... what about me?
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