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@Lou Ann: David is right about "ser/estar casado". In Mexico is equally frequent to say one or the other.

--¿Ya conociste al nuevo gerente? (Have you met the new manager?)
--Sí, ¿sabes si es casado? / ¿crees que esté casado? (Yes, do you know/believe he's married?)

As for "estar muerto", "estar" is the right choice most of the times.
"Ser muerto" would mean some kind of zombie or so.

El médico no pudo hacer nada por Juan. Está muerto.
The doctor couldn't do anything for Juan. He's dead.

Someone joking in a graveyard:
¡Soy un muerto que sale de su tumba! ¡BU!
I'm a deadman coming out of his grave! BOO!
Ain't it wonderful to be alive when the Rock'n'Roll plays...
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